Tasting a tomato or pepper in the peak of its flavor and sweetness. Caramelizing natural sugars and proteins by hardwood fire. Contrasting textures, temperatures, and flavors all with organic and sustainable ingredients.

We’re on a mission to provide complete transparency while cultivating what we touch.  Within humankind’s egocentric nature, we have a tendency of exploiting everything and everyone around us for our own personal gain.  Our goal is to build a sustainable ecosystem around ethical and transparent business.  How do we as a collective human race enable each other to succeed individually but also collectively, while at the same time being good stewards of our planet and it’s resources.

Food is central to people and cultures.  It’s not only the way we fuel our bodies, but it serves as a vessel of community, history, and even strongholds in each of our lives.  Because of this – our mission starts not with a seed, but the soil.

While farming is typically connotated with food – how often do we use terms specific to sowing, cultivating, and reaping within business?  If we, as organic beings who require fuel to survive can attribute our selves to what we eat, eats… then our businesses and professional lives exist in a parallel reality, where their outcome is directly related to what they are fed.