I live on the island of Maui, the second most populated island in the archipelago of Hawaii and I am passionate about family, business, technology, travel, and GREAT food.  My personal brand is “Do the Right Thing”.  You do the right thing for the people around you and your success will follow as a result. (Well – at least in theory)

Those that know me have probably heard me say “Regardless of who’s logo is on my business card – it’s ultimately my BRAND “.  I guess you could say my goal is to build the best possible brand I can.  One in which not only leaves a legacy but a brand that can be handed down to my children and my children’s children.

While my degree is in Psychology, I stumbled into the tech industry 20 years ago and have since worn many hats.  I’ve crawled under desks maintaining PC’s, and traveled the North American Continent designing and deploying cool “stuff” proudly branded by the industry greats – such as HP, IBM, Dell, EMC, VMware, Microsoft, etc.  I’ve worked on the inside, the outside, and even joined the dark side (aka – sales).  The brand I’m attempting to build is one around ethical and transparent business.  How do we as a collective human race enable each other to succeed individually but also collectively.  How does humanity accelerate and innovate with the assistance of technology, while not losing sight of craftsmanship and authenticity?


Just to be clear… my posts and are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of my employer nor does it constitute any official communication by my employer.