The Cult of the Genius

What if what we’re searching for doesn’t exist?  Desire is deceptive, like an unquenchable thirst that is so quickly satiated once you get what you so dearly yearned for.  Life’s irony is to create a sensual being who seeks pleasure (and at all costs runs from pain), yet those same senses betray them.  In our pursuit of happiness we’ve been mesmerized by a dream, controlled by an idea, a film that plays in our head that convinces us of how things should be.  Instead of confronting our desires and determining our own path we take them to the masses for their direction… we give the power to others to chart our course, yet we’re numb to desire’s deception.  Why do we give so much power to the idea of what things should be vs what they truly are?  And what if this so called life, isn’t necessarily what we’re currently living but rather just a glimpse of what it could actually be?

Nietzsche said “Our vanity, our self-love, promotes the cult of the genius,”… “For if we think of genius as something magical, we are not obliged to compare ourselves and find ourselves lacking.”

The goal of Maui Urban Farmer is to create something greater than ourselves and leave a legacy for our children.  Not influenced by the media, nor peer or family expectations, but rather something that gives back, cultivates, educates, and ultimately one day leaves something better than how we found it.

Roughly 6 weeks into our project and we’ve learned so much.  We’ve already gotten to taste the sweet fruit of our labor (yes – pun was intended) – and we’re hungry for more.  With the goal to keep each blog post short – I’ll be posting a new entry shortly with a few lessons learned for those that are interested, but if I can offer a word of encouragement – if I can grow food so can you.  The options are limitless and not having a garden is no excuse.  Fresh herbs for example, will thrive in small planter boxes – hang them on a wall like art (near natural sunlight) and you will soon be on your journey to create your own urban farm.

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